Pleasantly Surprised

Well we managed to squeeze a little time out in the woods this afternoon. It just has seemed that for the past few months a lot has interfered with our time out there. We are hoping that the tides change sooner rather than later but we shall see, time will tell.

Here are a few photos from today it was pretty hazardous walking out there so much ice. Spent some time with a flock of Blue birds and then a Winter Creeper came around and we managed get a few captures with the sunlight hitting just right.

We hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out blog out.

How many bluebirds do you see?
Winter Creeper
Winter Creeper

Animals Gone Wild

We have been working on a home project for a week or so and this past Wednesday we had a snow storm. Well since we were working in the house we had the house lit up like a giant light bulb from an outside view one would imagine. We were talking and noticed our parrot drop from the top of the cage to the bottom (the cage is aprox 2′ long). As I am standing there talking to him to make sure he is ok, I notice out of the corner of my eye, a large shadow move past the window. I quickly dissed the thought of something out there and chalked it up to the new glasses I was becoming accustomed to.

Then we were in another room to get some cabinets hung and a few more painted when we heard a thud on the kitchen window. We put the light on to the back door and examined the area for any injured animal/bird looking for help in a storm and being confused (seriously what else could it be right). Nope nothing, so we continue on and a few minutes later we heard even a louder thud from another window near our parrot. That was it there was something definitely trying to get our parrot, so we went over and looked out the window near his cage and there was this GORGEOUS barred owl just looking at me as sweet as can be.

We attempted to get a photo but as soon as the lens lifted it gracefully flew off.

This photo shows a barred owl

Super Bowl Sunday Delight

Well the flue/cold has found our den and had crept in. Due to not feeling so well and getting winded easier we took it easy. We just couldn’t pass up a small walk when the sun broke through.

It was amazing to feel somewhat mild temps (28) as we walked. It didn’t take long before we had our first encounter with a local. We came across a Great Blue Heron just chilling in the water awaiting a fresh catch. As we kept watch on the heron we saw a large shadow and when we looked up an immature Eagle came by to sit for a short bit.

We also needed some supplies for a couple of projects on the den and while on the way came across a few pretty sights on the way.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our travels and enjoy a couple of shots.


Overflow from Quabbin Reservior (I don’t remember the last time we saw this over flowing)
Here is the one some what ok shot of the immature eagle that stopped by to examine the area out. The lighting was not the best and while walking over to get a clearer opportunity the thin layer of ice was creeking and breaking making enough noise to wake the dead and then he/she decided to fly off down river.
This Heron was not bothered by us though we were not quiet due to ice breaking and we were talking to each other.

On the way back we didn’t see our heron friend then discovered he or she had moved to the shoreline on the snow to bask in that glorious gold ball in the sky which has been missing for an extremely LONG time.

Peek a Boo I see you walking by!

Family Winter Trail Hike

January 26, 2019


The weekend plan was heading out on Saturday since it is the better weather day of the weekend. It also happened to be a free day for our daughter who joined us on our hike. It was 22 degrees out and I have to say the $5.00 socks bought at Ocean State Job Lots worked wondrously keeping toes nice and warm. The trek was a little slippery from time to time and we actually walked in multiple places with a couple of inches of snow. Oh yeah watch out under that snow could be a potential sheet of solid ice. Just a couple back twisters but hey it was a blast to be surrounded by the trees listening to the breeze and that cool fresh air ahhhh.


Along the way there were many tracks to be seen of all kinds of critters. The critters were Moose, Deer, Coyote, Bobcat, Mole, Squirrel, and Turkey. We did come across another hiker, there are a quite a few dedicated hikers like ourselves we bump into from time to time, that get to share exciting siting’s of critters in the area we are exploring.


While walking and just enjoying the quiet along with some family chat it was an amazing morning/afternoon surrounded by nature’s beauty, sounds, and smells and add family in there what wasn’t to love. When we ended our day at the car it was a whopping 25 degrees.


While heading home came across our town hawk perched overlooking it’s town!

red tail hawk
Our town Hawk looking over its territory

We hope you enjoy the photos from today and enjoy your weekend, and we want to thank you for stopping by.

natures beauty
Natures Art

natures art
Natures Art

natures art
Natures Art abounds us

natures art
Natures Art is everywhere

Calm Before The Storm

Good Sunday Morning, It is sleeting and freezing rain out while sitting here writing this, what a difference a day makes!

We decided to head out on Saturday since it was the better weather day with the storm headed our way.  It was pretty quiet out there much to our dismay, we were hoping that critters would be moving searching for food with the blast of artic air that is to cover our area. The temperature was 22 degrees through out our hike.

We did have the pleasure of crossing paths with a Barred Owl.  This owl was just basking in the the sunshine for a little bit which allowed for a couple of shots.

Here are a couple of shots from yesterday.

barred owl untouched 4s4a9326wm
Peek A Boo I see you

barred owl untouched 4s4a9350wm
Just let me close my eyes for a moment.

barred owl 4s4a9378wm
This sun feels so good

While sitting by the pond for a bit just enjoying the fresh air and sounds that we would hear we noticed this downed tree obvious signs of beaver activity.  We are still trying to get a glimpse of this monster beaver that has eluded us for a while now.

beaver damage 4s4a9380wm
Beaver Damage

Here are a couple of shots of nature’s beauty.

natures beauty 4s4a9382wm
Natures Beauty

natures beauty 4s4a9384wm
Natures Beauty

Had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with this great blue heron that was out in search of a hearty meal.

great blue heron 4s4a9448wm
Great Blue Heron in search of a good meal

great blue heron 4s4a9422wm


Black Bear

Today was a milestone for us as we crossed paths with a Black Bear.  It was an emotional one for me personally.  This has been a desire since a winter hike back in 2003.  I had taken my two children for a hike on a extremely warm winter day with temperatures of 75 degrees.  I remember it pretty vividly since it was the first time I had come across bear tracks.

So during this span of fifteen years  we had come across signs of black bear and during those times I would often think to myself if I came upon a black bear how would I react?  Would I be scared, anxious, happy, excited?  Well today was the moment of truth for me and it wasn’t fearful at all.  This black bear causually just walked out of the woods and there was no noise to be had whether it would be breathing or making noises.  It was completely silent while walking no noise from the leaves, sticks, or sand.  It was amazingly silent as it strolled out of the tree line and onto the path in front of  us aproximately 100 feet.  The bear had stopped to smell the scent of something on the ground looked both ways like we would before crossing the street and casually strolled along its way across the path into the woods across the way.

We were in awe of this beautiful furry bear that we had longed to see in the wild for so long and that moment was actully happening NOW.  The only thing that would be fearful for me personally was how silent this large creature was moving, so that was intimidating and awesome at the same time.

Here are a few photos we had taken while we were down the path just snapping away and this beautiful creature just didn’t care.  The wind was blowing toward us so I don’t believe it even smelled us.  I am also thinking from what I have read in the past on bears is that their eye sight is not the best but the sense of smell is very keen.  Not sure as this is the first and only encounter for many many years.  Who knows maybe we have been watched before while we walked by and never knew it.  We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the experience.

Black Bear _V5A5076wmls.jpg

Black Bear _V5A5079wmls.jpg

Black Bear _V5A5082wmls.jpg

Black Bear_V5A5080wmls.jpg

Black Bear_V5A5081wmls.jpg

Black Bear_V5A5085wmls.jpg

Black Bear_V5A5093wmls.jpg