Welcome to Out On The Trails, this is a spot to share our hiking experiences and adventures.

We started our hiking adventures about three years ago and the excitement and wonders still leave us in awe to this day.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and check back for more stories of our adventures to come!

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Since a child I have been a nature lover and always fascinated by nature, especially animals.  About seven years ago I had this strong desire to look into cameras that could use different lenses, but waited a bit longer before purchasing one.  Five years ago I purchased my first Nikon digital camera that came with a couple of lenses.  Oh I was in love and as most photographers would agree the need to get closer to my subjects grew which meant a bigger zoom lens.  While looking into different lenses for different cameras I found it overwhelming to say the least.  A good friend of mine happened to have a couple of cameras and lenses and made up a nice package for me and I made the first investment of what would start a new avenue of photography for me.

My photography started with all the birds and critters that visited the yard and then the desire to get out and explore started.  My husband with his new desire for photography and who always loved hiking opened up a new world to me.

Today we get out and hike for miles and do some tracking to help us find areas of wildlife.  Out On The Trails is a spot to share those trips.

At the moment there are few of them posted due to allowing a past website to close due to the absorbent cost of keeping it.  We are hoping that this will prove to be a good new home for our adventures to share with others that love and enjoy nature and the wildlife that we are blessed to see.


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