Welcome To Out On The Trails!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


This blog is a spot to share our stories of our adventures out in the woods.  My husband and I are both nature lovers who love photography and enjoy hiking when we have the opportunity.

Our hopes while sharing our adventures that people will have a new respect and appreciation for nature and the beauty and need they play for our ecosystem.  Everything serves a purpose to keep something else in check.

People ask from time to time where critters are that we have seen, we have opted to not share that information with the general population to do our best to protect them.  Sending droves of people to a location brings trampling of nature to get there, litter, and not to mention stress to the animals being pushed from their locations trying to hide themselves.

We respect nature when we are out there, if we see something and it is fearful and trying to move away we respect that.  If they don’t feel threatened and stay around a bit then we are blessed with the opportunity.

The posts are few and far between due to closing down another location with lots of our stories but could not justify how expensive it was to keep for the purpose of my blogging.  We are in the process of rebuilding this new spot and hope to have some new material to post.  We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome you to come back and check out what is new.

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