Invited Guests To A Hawks Lunch

It certainly has been a while for a post here as well as it has since being in the woods.  Here in New England the weather has been a bit of a challenge not only for us humans but nature as well.  The past few weeks we have had extremely brutal cold weather with windchill factors of -23 degrees.  Today we finally had somewhat decent weather but limited for time so we grabbed our window of opportunity.

We had the pleasure of a red tail hawk that decided to share its catch and lunch with our presence.  Such a beautiful bird of prey to say the least.  Here are a few photos from our expereince today, hope you enjoy them.


Red Tail 4S4A0326wm.jpgRed Tail Hawk 4S4A0325wm.jpg


Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0327wm.jpg

A beautiful pose from a beautiful bird of prey

Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0379wm.jpg

After that scrumptious meal the watering hole was a hop and skip away


Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0382wm.jpgRed Tail Hawk 4S4A0383wm.jpg

Peek A BOO I see YOU

Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0385wm.jpg


Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0393wm.jpg

Ahhhh that was refreshing now it is time to go perch nearby and await the next coarse.

Red Tail Hawk 4S4A0397wm.jpgRed Tail Hawk 4S4A0398wm


Another Extraordinary Adventure

Today we had a rather later start to our hiking adventure.  It was a pleasant temperature outside the humidity seemed on the higher side to me but cleared out as we hiked through the day.  As we started out with the wind blowing and light just right that we spotted an Eagle perched in a pine tree.  It was confirmation for us that a week prior we thought we saw an immature eagle soaring low to the ground in a field heading towards the lake.  Last year we had also seen something large soaring in this area but could never nail it down.  Time will tell if this could be a common spot for sightings.  I am not real knowledgeable with Bald Eagles but I get the sense this is a very mature eagle.

American Bald Eagle 4S4A7037wm.jpg

After our wonderful encounter with the eagle we continued on and heard our Osprey friend screaming.  It was such a pleasant time watching the young Osprey explore its back yard and gaining confidence.  This year the young one is not as much of a screamer as last years.  Such a beautiful bird.  We are surely going to miss the Ospreys when they move on.

Osprey 4S4A7075wm.jpg

After some time with the Osprey we decided to move along and explore some more of the river.  We had visited this river last winter and fell in love with a particular area, so we decided to head over there.  Boy it was gorgeous and we had seen two Great Blue Heron within our view.  We could hear hawks screaming high in the air, and then they became louder.  We then saw a young one come flying in to where we had been sitting and land in a tree not too far from my husband, who was taking some landscape shots of the area.  The hawk quickly responded to other hawks calling and flew off, then an adult Red Tail hawk came screaming and soaring in and landed not too far from us.  We had a nice little photo opportunity then off it went.

Red Tailed Hawk 4S4A7149wm.jpg

We started to head back and we came across the young Osprey again.  After another photo opportunity with the young one we headed out and home.


What a great day it had been and how blessed we were to see so many wonderful wonders out there.  So many babies soaring with their parents learning to survive on their own.

The Local Osprey Have Returned

At the beginning of the month the local mated pair of osprey returned to their nesting area.  It is exciting to have this opportunity to follow along through the season and hoping we are able to get some half way decent shots of their fishing.

These photos were taken during an evening hike and had the opportunity to share a feast with the male, and spend some brief time with the lovely couple together.

osprey couple 454a4169wm

Osprey 454a4101wm

Osprey 454a4126wm

Osprey 454a4111wm

Osprey 454a4189wm

Quite The Prowl In The Woods

We started out mid morning and the temperature was 9 degrees, with the blustery winds the wind chill factor was -20.  We decided to go to a special spot that we both have been led to.  When we arrived to the dam it was frozen and we were able to cross over to the other side, we had always wondered what was over there so we decided to give it a shot.  We had noticed two geese just lounging on the edge of the ice when we first arrived at the water.  They tolerated us and allowed us to take a couple of photos, then we started to cross the rocks to the other side.  We were about half way and the two geese started going nuts we thought it odd they were doing it because of us since they were allowing us to photograph them so we were wondering what they could have seen.  When we got to the other side we went towards the water and that is when we  spotted otters.

Otter 0936wm.jpg

There were four all together one larger one and three smaller ones at least from what we could tell from that distance.  So the two geese that were going nuts took off and circled around and landed on the other side.  We sat to enjoy the sun in that spot and just watch for the otters.  They were so entertaining to watch then we noticed some strange body movement on the ice by staying real low and arch up a bit then flatten their body to the ice when we heard those two geese again this time they were walking on the ice moving towards the otters and then they took off in flight.  When we looked to the area the geese came from we saw this bobcat come out on the ice.  It was absolutely breathtaking to watch first hand the beauty and grace of this cat on the ice.

Bobcat 0890 wm

The cat decided to walk away then it changed its mind and sat on the ice for a few minutes then it saw us.  It looked at us for a minute then looked the other way to where it had come from.  After a minute or so it decided to cross the ice to our side of the water.  No noise just total grace and beauty prancing over.

Bobcat 0895wm

Bobcat 0894wm

Bobcat 0909 wm

Bobcat 8938wmls

We heard the otters make some noise and just watched them as they took turns coming out of their hut barking and then going into the water hole.  All three young ones did this and then we heard them further down the way barking again playing within the swamp mounds with grass.  They would run and drop and roll and jump on each other then they seemed to fight.

Otters 1047wm

Otters Feel The Love 1044wm

otters Just Chilling 1102wm

Otters The Three Amigos 1075wm


Otters 9365wmls

Otters I Got You v5a9310wmls

Welcome To Out On The Trails!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This blog is a spot to share our stories of our adventures out in the woods.  My husband and I are both nature lovers who love photography and enjoy hiking when we have the opportunity.

Our hopes while sharing our adventures that people will have a new respect and appreciation for nature and the beauty and need they play for our ecosystem.  Everything serves a purpose to keep something else in check.

People ask from time to time where critters are that we have seen, we have opted to not share that information with the general population to do our best to protect them.  Sending droves of people to a location brings trampling of nature to get there, litter, and not to mention stress to the animals being pushed from their locations trying to hide themselves.

We respect nature when we are out there, if we see something and it is fearful and trying to move away we respect that.  If they don’t feel threatened and stay around a bit then we are blessed with the opportunity.

The posts are few and far between due to closing down another location with lots of our stories but could not justify how expensive it was to keep for the purpose of my blogging.  We are in the process of rebuilding this new spot and hope to have some new material to post.  We hope you enjoy your visit and welcome you to come back and check out what is new.

A Very Exciting Adventure


The morning started at 5:15AM the temperature was 32 degrees with temps expecting to go up to the high 40’s.  Driving to our location was a bit challenging with the dense fog, but we made it.

We decided we would visit a spot that we have always been drawn to but stayed out due to the large tick issue in that area.  We decided to give a try since we had a cold snap for a bit and boy we were not disappointed!

It all began as we were descending a hill and approaching a curve in the trail that the light with the fog allowed me to see the silhouette of something perched on a branch of a tree.  It was amazing to discover it was a Great Horned Owl, and it was very comfy in this location as if it owned it.  The owl tolerated us pointing our cameras for a few minutes then decided to fly back just a little but not too far.  We decided to heed the sign and just hang about by the swamp in the area and hoped the owl would not find us as a threat and maybe make an appearance for us.


As time goes bye after sitting quietly I hear this sound, a familiar sound, almost like an Otter crunching it’s snack.  I look at the swamp and notice this HUGE dark blob on the edge of the ice.  I decide to go closer and see if I can identify what it is.  As I was getting closer I decided it must be a stump because it seriously hadn’t moved at all.  So I walk ed back to my spot to sit and my husband decides to get closer to check it out.  He goes closer and then makes his way back and says yeah a stump.  No sooner did he say that and turn around to sit back down I hear and see the stump go KURPLUNK into the water!  We both just started cracking up laughing because it was a beaver that was on the ice.

So we settle down after a few minutes of a good chuckle and we hear a flock of Blue Jays going spastic to our left, so we are listening and scanning the area to see what possibly could be about but didn’t see anything.  We thought maybe the owl was preying about and the birds were not happy, but something inside told me different.  Meanwhile, I was looking to the right while listening to the birds going on and on and on and had this insatiable desire to go to the right.  I was hoping the beaver would  come back out and I could get some shots of it.  It seriously was the largest I have ever seen as of yet.  So we were walking over toward the swamp when the Blue Jays all just STOPPED and there was dead silence in the air.  We both looked at each other and turned to see if anything could be in back of us and saw nothing.  As I was turning to the right again I caught something moving on the ice of the swamp and at first I thought a bobcat but then realized it was a coyote.  As I took a photo of the coyote it stopped and looked at me!  I went to take another shot and there was a second coyote that came out and they both tromped off.

The coyotes were moving in the direction we were going to have to go to leave so we decided to sit a short bit.  We decided that we would head out and get a coffee after seven miles of trekking it would be wonderful to have a hot coffee.    As we made out way back up to the open path we turned and started around the bend when I saw two animals up a ways in front of us.  I asked my husband to get the bear spray ready just in case, and I remember thinking in my head that I know as much as I am blessed I am cursed.  That my first wonderful time having a close encounter with wild Coyotes would end like this.  I took my camera and focused in on them and realized that it wasn’t two coyotes but two does!

The two does hung around and just watched us approach and nonchalantly waltzed off into the woods.  This truly was a meant to be day and perfectly orchestrated by something much larger than ourselves and truly amazing to say the least.  If this is the start to the season I sure do hope it is a sign for us we are so blessed.