Quite The Prowl In The Woods

We started out mid morning and the temperature was 9 degrees, with the blustery winds the wind chill factor was -20.  We decided to go to a special spot that we both have been led to.  When we arrived to the dam it was frozen and we were able to cross over to the other side, we had always wondered what was over there so we decided to give it a shot.  We had noticed two geese just lounging on the edge of the ice when we first arrived at the water.  They tolerated us and allowed us to take a couple of photos, then we started to cross the rocks to the other side.  We were about half way and the two geese started going nuts we thought it odd they were doing it because of us since they were allowing us to photograph them so we were wondering what they could have seen.  When we got to the other side we went towards the water and that is when we  spotted otters.

Otter 0936wm.jpg

There were four all together one larger one and three smaller ones at least from what we could tell from that distance.  So the two geese that were going nuts took off and circled around and landed on the other side.  We sat to enjoy the sun in that spot and just watch for the otters.  They were so entertaining to watch then we noticed some strange body movement on the ice by staying real low and arch up a bit then flatten their body to the ice when we heard those two geese again this time they were walking on the ice moving towards the otters and then they took off in flight.  When we looked to the area the geese came from we saw this bobcat come out on the ice.  It was absolutely breathtaking to watch first hand the beauty and grace of this cat on the ice.

Bobcat 0890 wm

The cat decided to walk away then it changed its mind and sat on the ice for a few minutes then it saw us.  It looked at us for a minute then looked the other way to where it had come from.  After a minute or so it decided to cross the ice to our side of the water.  No noise just total grace and beauty prancing over.

Bobcat 0895wm

Bobcat 0894wm

Bobcat 0909 wm

Bobcat 8938wmls

We heard the otters make some noise and just watched them as they took turns coming out of their hut barking and then going into the water hole.  All three young ones did this and then we heard them further down the way barking again playing within the swamp mounds with grass.  They would run and drop and roll and jump on each other then they seemed to fight.

Otters 1047wm

Otters Feel The Love 1044wm

otters Just Chilling 1102wm

Otters The Three Amigos 1075wm


Otters 9365wmls

Otters I Got You v5a9310wmls


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